How we elevated a Bromsgrove coworking space to Google’s featured snippet and local pack

The now-closed TriassicHub provided visitors with a modern, clean, and flexible working environment. A key feature of this business was its commitment to offering a sleek and tidy professional workspace that integrated technology to foster an optimal work-life balance. The coworking space delivered a personal, approachable, and customised service, ensuring that customers’ time was as productive as necessary.




Office space

Goal achieved in

4 months

Stellaripe’s goal

To effectively boost their online bookings by gaining relevant visibility on Google

The challenge

TriassicHub launched before the onset of the global pandemic in 2020. Due to the widespread lockdowns across the country and the shift to remote working, the demand for coworking spaces plummeted. Moreover, they faced competition from major players in the Bromsgrove area, like well-established hotel chains, council premises and other coworking businesses. To make the most of the situation, we focused on what we excel at – local SEO.

Skills applied

The TLBM approach

Finalised keywords for target audience alignment

Our keyword research began with an analysis to understand the specific niche and its audience together with detailed competitor analysis.

The process started with brainstorming seed keywords, utilising Google’s autocomplete feature for inspiration. Once we identified our seed keywords, we used SEMrush to expand our search and identify a broader range of relevant keywords.

We then created a preliminary list of keywords that resonated with our target audience. This list was refined by evaluating each keyword’s search volumes, user intent, and competition level.

We included local keywords in our strategy to enhance specificity and target precision, recognising their effectiveness in driving targeted traffic to TriassicHub’s website.


Undertook thorough on-page search optimisation

The website with content had been created by another agency.  Our focus was therefore on optimising individual pages to rank higher in search engines and earn more relevant traffic.

Keywords were strategically placed in titles, headings, and throughout the body of the web content.

Title tags and meta descriptions were rewritten to make them more compelling and keyword-rich.

We also reviewed and revised the heading structure (H1, H2, H3, etc.) and internal links across the site to make it easier for Google to understand the key topics of a page and for users to navigate through the content.


Optimised website performance

Besides focusing on content and keywords, we thoroughly inspected the website’s performance.

Since a third-party company developed it, we needed to audit its technical aspects, as SEO is intrinsically linked to how well a site performs.

This includes factors like how fast the website loads, its mobile-friendliness, and its overall user experience. 

Given the importance of these elements in ranking high on Google, we had to collaborate closely with the development company to optimise these parameters and ensure the website met and exceeded SEO standards.


Produced content for blogs and social media

Content creation and promotion were pivotal components of our on-page search optimisation strategy.

Since we were already dedicating significant efforts towards building a portfolio of high-quality and relevant targeted keywords, we extended this focus beyond optimising the website.

We crafted a series of blog posts, aligning them with the targeted keywords. These blog posts weren’t limited to the website; we strategically leveraged them across various social media channels, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, to maximise their reach and impact.

This approach was integral to enhancing our online presence, engaging our target audience more effectively, and reinforcing our SEO efforts.


Engaged in extensive off-page activities

We undertook a range of off-page activities to improve local SEO and help potential customers find the business more easily.

For example, we listed TriassicHub in relevant, high-authority local directories by providing accurate information such as name, address, phone number, and services offered.

Google My Business (GMB) optimisation was another crucial step. We claimed and verified the business listing on Google.

This involved comprehensively filling out all the business details, adding high-quality images, regularly updating the listing with posts and offers and responding to reviews.

This made the business more visible in local search results and Google Maps, providing a direct way for customers to engage with the business.

Lastly, we also undertook an activity called blog commenting. This essentially involved engaging with our target community by actively commenting on third-party blogs within the same industry.

We didn’t just drop links but contributed valuable insights and information in the comment sections. Our goal was to drive relevant traffic to the website through link building and establishing TriassicHub as knowledgeable and active participants in the industry.


Kaz Driver

Co-Founder & Account Director, TLBM

“Right from the start, we were acutely aware of the external challenges facing our SEO team for a coworking space that depended on local engagement. When we took over, it just wasn’t found in search.  Despite these limitations, we successfully implemented targeted local off-page activities that significantly enhanced their online visibility. The company began ranking for two major business keywords, a noteworthy achievement, in a short span. I only wish the circumstances were different. There was so much to be done!”

The results

Thanks to our dedicated SEO efforts, the website traffic increased by approximately 38.10% from December 2020 to June 2021

The keywords “coworking space Bromsgrove” and “Bromsgrove office space” were featured in Google’s local pack by June 2021.

Keywords “hot-desking Bromsgrove” and “hot desks and coworking spaces Bromsgrove” achieved the coveted position of the featured snippet on Google in the same month.

TriassicHub began to receive inbound enquiries in June 2021 - our key objective.

Tools we used for the job

Google analytics

“It’s unfortunate that our business launch coincided with a period when everyone was confined to their homes due to Covid, focusing on safety. Despite these challenging circumstances, I was incredibly impressed by the work and results achieved by TLBM in such a limited timeframe. Regrettably, we couldn’t capitalise on the visibility they had begun to build for us. I have no problems recommending TLBM to other businesses looking to leverage the SEO potential fully. The team is excellent!”

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