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Kaz driver

With years of client-side marketing experience (who’s counting?), Kaz has a distinct vision of what she seeks in a digital marketing agency. Rather than waiting, she took the initiative.

At the heart of her leadership style is a commitment to deliver on promises. Her expertise in revolutionising inbound traffic gives TLBM its unique edge.

A connoisseur of food and travel, an admirer of cats, and a family-oriented individual (though the order might vary), Kaz’s keen eye for detail and belief in work-life balance keep her engaged and fulfilled.


Anshal possesses a fervent passion for the digital realm and champions the synergy of design, content, and technology. His decision to co-found TLBM was driven by a desire to nourish his design spirit, which the corporate world couldn’t quite quench.

Coupling his creative flair with a sharp business acumen, Anshal often steps into a managerial role, guiding the creative team. His experience spans design agencies and MNCs across India, South Africa, the USA, and the UK.

A global traveller with a penchant for 70’s Bollywood tunes, Anshal’s culinary prowess might just rival that of Gordon Ramsay.


Adept in content creation across diverse industries, Asavari excels in crafting compelling narratives for corporate blogs, landing pages, email newsletters, and more. Her prowess extends to online branding and client relations at TLBM.

She is the heartbeat of our agency, consistently delivering on tasks, as if they were second nature. Whether it’s managing clients, coordinating with freelancers, or liaising with industry pioneers, she effortlessly navigates it all.

Outside of curating content, Asavari can be found diving into her Trello board, exploring the vast corners of the internet, or globe-trotting — sometimes, all in one go. Mindfulness remains a constant companion in her adventures.


With a Master’s degree in Computer Applications and a keen understanding of digital nuances, Anant Khare embarked on his SEO journey in 2011. Over the years, he has refined his expertise in the B2B sector, mastering the niches of accounting and finance, outsourcing, hospitality, real estate, and eCommerce.

Anant’s global perspective is underscored by his extensive work with international audiences, particularly in the UK, India, and Australia.

Away from his desk, Anant cherishes his weekends, spending quality time with his son. On longer holidays or extended weekends, the allure of the open road beckons him. Whether it’s exploring majestic mountains or trekking challenging trails, Anant finds solace and rejuvenation in the embrace of nature.


Global team members


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Global team, international appeal

We’re proud of our global make-up – Kaz is based in the UK, and the core marketing team, comprising Anshal, Asavari, and Anant, is based in the warmth of India.

No frills, no-nonsense. Just pure, awesome marketing, which we do for your business while you do the things you love to do.



Our approach to B2B marketing services is unique. See how we can help you.

Hospitality & Retail

Integrated eye-catching animations for diverse payment options, surpassing industry speed benchmarks!

Golding Accountancy

Rocketed this accountant’s blog to Google’s featured snippet for three key terms in 14 days! Isn’t it cool? You bet, it is!


Targeted SEO places this accounts outsourcing firm with 73% of its keywords on Google’s page 1, many in position 1.

We’re smart. We’re hard-working. We’re easy to talk to. And, boy, do we love a challenge!


We have diverse offerings.

Content marketing, SEO, paid advertising, graphic designing, and website design and development. That means your marketing campaigns will be executed seamlessly by one integrated team. Quality remains consistent. Results are guaranteed.

we have diverse offerings


All our efforts deliver.

Each of us has years of experience in various sectors – from accountants and financial advisors to green energy pioneers and businesses in hospitality. We know what strategy to use, the SEO keywords to focus on, the content marketing services that will chime with their clients, what design approach to take, or the paid search advertising services that will work for them.

all our efforts deliver


We talk straight - minus the nonsense!

We try to avoid acronyms, although the odd ‘SEO’ and ‘PPC’ will drop in, and won’t confuse you with a complex and expensive offering. Seriously, we won’t! We will simply deliver a service that will make a difference to you and your business. If you have any questions, we’re always there to help!

we talk straight

A business idea remains a dream until it finds the right marketplace and the right hands to shape it. With a can-do attitude, our marketing services are custom-made and budget-friendly. Create magic for your business.

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