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Is your B2B
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Don’t let poor design and functionality cost you customers. Our expert designers craft visuals that capture your vision, while our adept developers ensure seamless back-end operations. Ready for a transformation?

website design and development

Rich in depth and powerful in execution

Whether it’s crafting a comprehensive digital presence for a global brand or providing tailored web design services for small businesses, your website’s success is our passion. By leveraging the power of design, content, SEO and development, we launch incredibly high-quality, results-oriented websites for our clients.


Beautiful designs

From designing the initial homepage layout to choosing the right typography, colours used, user experience and tone of voice – we take care of all aspects of web designing.


With the audience increasingly using the internet on their phone or tablet, your website must work across all devices.

Web design and development 8

Compelling content

Many website development solutions don’t include content. But ours does. We always write exceptional copy that drives results.

Tailored for SEO

We apply our tried-and-tested SEO methods to increase your chances of getting your newly launched website to an excellent position on Google as quickly as possible.


Genuine user engagement

Our expertise isn’t just limited to aesthetic appeal; we design with the end-user in mind. Our websites are engineered to drive action, incorporating Call-to-Actions (CTAs) that prompt visitors to take the next step, whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or simply getting in touch.

WordPress development

Our specialisation and expertise. From installation and customisation to site transfers and configuration, we offer end-to-end services related to WordPress. We also look after your WordPress site with our maintenance services. We give you a full service.

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Your website is the face of your business.

And building one can be daunting. That’s why we deliver our B2B website design and development services using proven methods to quickly get you the best results. Plus, you’ll always be in the loop with key milestones right up to the launch and we stick around to support you after it goes live too.


“Working with TLBM was a fantastic experience. They took the time to truly understand my vision, ethos, and the unique value I offer to my clients. Their meticulous attention to detail and expertise in crafting authentic content have given my website a voice that resonates deeply with my clientele. I am immensely grateful for their dedication and highly recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their online presence.”

How we tailor our B2B website design and development services

Step 1

Your goals

Every website is unique. So is yours. Therefore, we take time to understand the goals you’d like to achieve through your website. That helps in determining the right course of action.

Step 2

Plan creation

We’ll draw an outline of your website development project. And that includes what we need from you, project deadlines, and, yes, the sitemap that defines the entire flow of your website.

Step 3

Copywriting with SEO

A stunning website is nothing without compelling content and SEO. That’s why once the sitemap is green-lit, we research keywords and write the copy that truly delivers value.

Step 4

Web design

While the team works on the content, we start designing your website so you can see your vision come to life. Plus, we don’t like wasting time! The design is created after considering your customers and the latest UI/UX trends.

Step 5

Website development

After that, our developers start coding your site. We build our websites on a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easy for you to update and maintain the site – without our help! Unless you want us to do it for you?

Step 6

Quality assurance

Before we launch your new site, we double-check all of the technical aspects that can prohibit a website’s success. So, we test your website for a week before making it live for the whole world to see! We take pride in our work.

Got questions about our B2B website design and development services?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you. Here’s what’s commonly asked:

Of course, you must! Websites are a powerful business tool. Especially if you’re a budding enterprise, a startup website design can make a world of difference in your market entry, speak to the target audience, and generate leads for you. If your website is not your priority, chances are your customers are not thinking of you at all! Don’t worry – it’s never too late. Let our awesome designers design a website that defines your vision, and our brilliant web developers beautifully manage the function that happens at the back-end.

Absolutely! With nearly 2 billion websites online, standing out is crucial. We provide designs uniquely tailored to your brand, ensuring they resonate with your audience. Our process begins by understanding your goals and crafting a framework tailored to those needs. Typically, we use WordPress, a versatile platform that empowers our clients to manage their sites seamlessly. With us, you’ll get a website that truly represents your brand and is easy to manage.

At TLBM, we boast rich experience in diverse sectors, including specialised website design for accountants. We understand the unique needs of the accountancy industry and translate them into designs that resonate. We’re adept at crafting corporate sites, eCommerce platforms, landing pages, and educational platforms. Whatever your business needs, we’ll guide you in choosing the right design and CMS. We believe in thorough research to cater to your and your clients’ needs.

Certainly! A website isn’t a one-time project. It requires updates, refinements, and constant monitoring even after it’s live. We offer comprehensive maintenance, ensuring optimal traffic, top-notch security, and updated content. Our support extends to boosting your visibility through Google indexing, analytics, and SEO strategies. Curious about a tailored maintenance plan? Reach out to our team.

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