Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Increase your website traffic and drive more leads with our B2B SEO services.

Let us work on getting you on page 1 of search engines.

We take a logical approach to SEO and don’t try any tricks that could harm your website or your integrity in the long run.

Let us work on getting you on page 1 of search engines

Our bespoke B2B SEO services really make a difference!​

Search optimisation is evolving at a breakneck pace, with changing algorithms and new tools, strategies and tactics being developed near-daily. The TLBM team does its job well!

seo audit

SEO audit

Rise above the competition! We deep dive into your site’s current metrics, uncovering gaps in keyword targeting and B2B content strategy, and look to fix anything the technical audit highlights, to ensure you stand out in search results.

Technical SEO

Backlink analysis, keyword research, meta tags and descriptions — nothing misses our assessment! We work to develop a robust set up that operates in harmony with the requirements of Google’s latest algorithms.

Technical SEO
local seo

Local SEO

If you are targeting locally, let us localise your web content using keywords being searched for in your area, list you on local directories, and set up your Google My Business page.

Backlink building

Our fail-proof outreach tactics will help you build a healthy link profile, resulting in high search rankings. Our off-page work delivers results.

backlink building

SEO is in our
DNA - seriously!

Our B2B SEO services cover so much more than merely tagging weblinks and writing meta descriptions. We combine technical optimisation with high-value content curation and authority building to ensure your website ranks highly across search engines.


“They have transformed the way we do business. The TLBM team has been with us from the very start, and I must say their digital marketing support means a lot to us. I am sure we are well on our way to becoming an industry thought leader – all thanks to the TLBM team. Thank you and keep up the excellent work!”

How we tailor our B2B SEO services for you

Step 1


Initiate your tailored SEO journey with us as we develop clear objectives; whether boosting organic traffic, enhancing keyword rankings, or capturing high-quality leads.

Step 2

SEO audit

Rise above the competition! We deep dive into your site’s current metrics, uncovering gaps in keyword targeting and B2B content strategy to ensure you stand out in search results.

Step 3

Keyword research

We harness cutting-edge tools to unearth high-ROI keywords and market insights, positioning your business front and centre for industry-relevant searches.

Step 4

Strategy build

Whether you’re an accountant, a manufacturer, or a new startup, we craft an optimised blueprint, enhancing content quality, and improving on-page elements.

Step 5

SEO implementation

Our experts seamlessly integrate top-tier B2B SEO practices into your website, creating backlinks, optimising meta elements, and curating B2B-centric content.

Step 6


Experience the TLBM difference with in-depth monthly SEO reports highlighting organic traffic growth, keyword position enhancements, and ROI from your SEO activities.

Got questions about our B2B SEO services?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you. Here’s what’s commonly asked:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so much more than its acronym. It involves making your website Google-friendly so that you can appear higher in the search results. Do you know that 93% of all online customer experiences begin with a search engine? If your website doesn’t rank high enough, you don’t exist for your potential customers – simple.

TLBM provides a holistic suite of SEO services tailored to your needs. This includes On-Page SEO, where we optimise individual web pages to rank higher; Off-Page SEO, focusing on external strategies to build your website’s authority; Technical SEO, ensuring the backend of your website runs smoothly for search engines; Local SEO to target specific geographic markets; Website Analytics to measure and report on your site’s performance; Website Audit to identify areas for improvement; Competitor Analysis to gauge where you stand in the market; and Keyword Research to ensure you’re targeting the most relevant and effective terms for your audience.

Google uses a range of criteria to rank websites, with content relevancy to user queries paramount. If your site isn’t fine-tuned for search criteria, it might not rank as high as you’d like. This is where SEO comes into play. SEO isn’t a stand-alone one time piece of work, it involves ongoing assessment and refinement of both your site’s content and SEO coding. Integral to SEO is regularly updated and relevant content, which search engines scrutinise using web crawlers. Keywords are critical, bridging the gap between what users search for and the enriching content you provide. So, to boost your website’s visibility on Google, it’s essential to incorporate relevant keywords and adopt a comprehensive SEO strategy.

We’ve successfully delivered SEO services for startups, especially in the tech sector. Moreover, we’ve provided specialised SEO services for accountants in the UK, as well as SEO for manufacturing companies. Additionally, we’ve catered to established firms within the healthcare domain. Our tried and tested processes deliver results, whatever the sector.

Search engine results change depending on your location. If you are in Surrey and you search for an “accountancy practice”, you are more likely to see websites from Surrey-based accountancy practices than those based in Manchester or Liverpool. But you will only see them if their site is optimised for their location – if the search engine doesn’t know they are based in Surrey – then neither will prospective clients. We keep on top of such developments and adapt your strategy to suit.

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