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Be the talk of the town with our B2B content marketing services.

B2B content services for you

Businesses that publish engaging content always delight their audience. Level up with TLBM and experience the difference.

B2B content services for you

The content assets we create are "gold"

No single type of content appeals to every customer. That’s why, with our B2B content marketing services, we provide a diverse range to accountants, B2B startups, manufacturers, and more.

content marketing blogs


When you think of content marketing, blogs are likely the first thing that comes to mind. They are the stepping stone to B2B content marketing success. Lucky for you – we can write industry articles, reviews, listicles, how-tos, and many other blogs that provide interesting and useful content for your target clients.


This content asset is an excellent lead magnet as it can help resolve a consumer pain point – perfect for getting their attention. The TLBM team is adept at writing eBooks that sell your story. So, if you have an industry issue you would like to address, get in touch with us today!

content marketing ebooks
content marketing website content

Website content

TLBM has a history of writing compelling, keyword-focused web copy that drives sales and helps secure high search rankings for competitive terms. We are not writers that sound artificially smart; we truly, honestly, and awesomely craft quality content.

Press releases

Are you planning to launch a new service? Or start a new client project? Want the whole world to know about it? You have arrived at the right place. We can write a great press release and share it on the right platforms for increased visibility.

content marketing press releases
content marketing case study

Case studies

They say the most effective case studies focus on a single key issue, are well-researched and have a Call To Action so that readers know what to do next. Did you know this? Don’t worry – we do, and we can help you create case studies easily.


It doesn’t matter if your adverts are for Google or a newspaper; the copy has to be clear, concise, and engaging. Fortunately, the TLBM team knows the ABCs of advertising like the back of their hand. Just trust us!

content marketing adverts

Let's weave a gripping narrative that fuels your brand.

From backgrounds in journalism, copywriting, and online marketing - we write well-researched content that drives organic traffic and converts leads on landing pages. It’s all about delivering results for us!


“Since partnering with TLBM, we’ve experienced a significant shift in our online presence. Their strategic and systematic efforts in driving inbound traffic have been nothing short of remarkable. This particular blog post is a testament to their expertise and dedication. It’s not just about achieving top rankings; it’s about delivering meaningful content that resonates with our audience. We’re truly grateful for their outstanding work and are excited about our collaborative future.”

How we tailor our B2B content marketing services

Step 1

Content consultation

We initiate with a deep dive into your brand’s voice, goals, and the narratives you wish to project to attract potential business.

Step 2

Content audit

We review your existing content portfolio: blogs, website, brochures, and more, to identify where you excel and where you lack support.

Step 3

Competitive analysis

Beyond market trends, we analyse competitor content to unearth gaps that could help you gain a unique edge in your industry.

Step 4

Content strategy and calendar

Using our research, we lay out a strategic content calendar, ensuring a mix of thought leadership pieces, engaging articles, and more – all tailored for your target audience.

Step 5

Content crafting and optimization

Each content piece is meticulously written, optimised for SEO, and geared to resonate powerfully with those you wish to engage and sell. We keep you involved in this step.

Step 6


We don’t just publish content and forget about it. We analyse performance metrics and share them with you via custom monthly reports. You’re always kept in the loop.

Got questions about our B2B content marketing services?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you. Here’s what’s commonly asked:

Resonance comes from understanding. We start every project with a comprehensive audience analysis. By understanding who your audience is, what challenges they face, and what solutions they seek, we can craft content that speaks directly to their needs. Moreover, our iterative feedback process ensures our clients are always in the loop. This allows for real-time adjustments, ensuring the final content truly resonates.

For startups and SMBs, agility and visibility are key. Our strategies are designed to provide rapid yet sustainable growth. You can expect increased brand visibility, a boost in organic website traffic, and enhanced engagement. Over time, these translate into lead generation, improved conversion rates, and a solid foundation for your brand in the industry. Our goal is to produce content and create value for your business.

Yes, always! Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an industry-standard that allows your website to be impactful and valuable to visitors, no matter their device or platform. With the audience increasingly using the internet on their phone or tablet, your website must work across all devices.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with diverse industries. Our portfolio spans sectors from tech startups to established firms in UK accounting, manufacturing, and healthcare. We’re adept at quickly understanding industry-specific nuances to produce relevant content, regardless of the industry.

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