Create a winning email blast marketing campaign for your business

Email blast, as the name suggests, is the process of sending a single email to a significant number of recipients. Although the term “blast” is a bit aggressive, it can prove to be a great digital marketing strategy.

There are times when you need to market out to as many people as possible. An email blast marketing strategy is just another way to reach a large number of potential customers.

Send an email blast to your email subscribers when you are launching a new product, promoting a new brand, or announcing your new campaign. An email blast also goes by other names including broadcast emails, mass emails, email campaigns, and bulk emails.

How to do an email blast

The blast or broadcast email sends your campaigns, special offers or newsletters manually to all your audience in the email list. Your broadcast email may not be beneficial to everyone and this is why it is important to manage and create it carefully. Make it enticing and interesting enough and it will help you to get new customers and raise awareness to those users who had no idea about your brand’s presence or products/systems before. That is how a broadcast email proves to be a great digital marketing tool.

Email blast ideas

On the surface, many people may think of email blasts as spam emails; so before you start, plan the content and design, so that instead of annoying the audience, it attracts their attention and makes your email blast marketing campaign fruitful – all of which will help you in getting the desired results.

Here are a couple of examples of good blast emails and ones you could take inspiration from when you sit down to design your email:

1. Dropbox

The following Dropbox email is to-the-point and delivers the message clearly with the help of graphics. It attracts the audience’s attention and gives information to them quickly – reminding them why they should use Drop:

image2 (1)

Tips for your email strategy from this type of email blast:

  1. Remind your target audience of your brand’s importance, why they need it, and what they will be missing if they do not use your services
  2. Communicate directly with them, and clear any confusion regarding your brand
  3. Announce technical upgrades through an email blast
  4. Understand your potential customers’ buying preferences and plan your email blast accordingly

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a digital writing tool that checks for grammatical errors, plagiarism and spelling mistakes. Perfect for proofreading articles, assignments, or any other literary text and it is loved by students and professionals alike.

Grammarly does a fantastic job, educating its email subscribers about the benefits of using the tool. Here’s one of their email blast marketing campaigns, asking existing customers to upgrade to their premium package:

Tips for your email strategy from this type of email blast:
  1. The email creates a sense of urgency by encouraging people to act quickly as the deal has an expiry date.
  2. It has a great aspirational headline.
  3. The text length is short, so it saves time and delivers the message quickly.
  4. The email also includes client testimonials, which act as social proof.

3. Are email blasts outdated?

Email blast marketing is among the oldest and most common ways of designing and implementing an email marketing strategy. Its overuse and poor management caused issues but blast emailing has declined and the ability to unsubscribe and take more control means they can have more impact now.

To make sure that your email does not end up as an immediate unread delete, design it properly, choose an eye-catching title, include fewer links and ensure your message is to-the-point so that your recipients remain intrigued to finish reading it.

Here are a few reasons why an email blast marketing campaign could fail:

  1. People tend to read personalised emails, so when you send an email blast that is non-personal, people avoid giving it attention.
  2. Through an email blast, you could send irrelevant stuff to your target audience, which makes them more likely to unsubscribe.
  3. Remember, you have no clear idea about the interests of people or what they desire.

4. How to create a winning email blast strategy

For executing a great email blast marketing campaign, you need to remember the following points:

  1. Choose an email blast service that will help you create and manage a GDPR compliant mailing list. There are many email marketing services, such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, and Drip, that you can choose from.
  2. The second step is to create your contact list. You can create different targeted email lists and divide your audience into different segments, for example according to their buying preferences, customer personas, and the stage of the customer lifecycle they are in.
  3. Analyse the statistics and see how many people visit your website and how many people are subscribing to your mailing service.

5. Upgrade your email blast strategy

To gain a competitive advantage, you need to have a digital marketing strategy that keeps your potential customers at the centre. Here are some tips you can follow to upgrade your email blast marketing strategy:

Create a catchy subject line as it is the first aspect of your email that the audience will see.
Add a call-to-action button to your email so that your recipients are urged to take action, such as visiting your website where they can get further information.

Always add a “reply” and “unsubscribe” button, so that you are compliant.

The bottom line

A successful marketing strategy focuses on moving prospects along the entire marketing funnel, slowly nudging them towards purchase. Here, the AIDA (Attract, Interest, Desire, Action) model comes into play. Catchy email subject lines attract your audience to open your email.

This is followed by a content-rich copy that highlights the need for your product to increase interest. With attractive offers or one-off discounts in the email, you raise the audience’s desire for your product or service.

Lastly, with a smartly placed CTA button, you prompt them to take action. Emails are a great way to reach your potential customers and clients as long as you create them with care and consideration. Do that successfully and they will be more than happy to receive updates from you, and potentially turn from mere subscribers to buyers over time.

About the author

John Davier is the content marketing guru at MailMunch. He’s passionate about writing content that resonates with people, and loves living simply, giving generously, and staying happy.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Think Little Big Marketing.