How to market your accounting firm to attract top talent

The recruitment process has witnessed massive changes in the last few years. Gone are the days of paper resumes and job postings printed in newspapers and online portals.

Professionals of today are as particular about the jobs they accept as companies are about picking the best talent. Your accounting firm is not exempt from this thought process, either.

A 2019 Hays study on salary and recruiting trends states that 89% of companies in the accounting sector have experienced some skills shortage in the past year. The reasons for this are many, including:

  • Accountants lack sufficient experience for the role.
  • They don’t possess the required technical skill set.
  • They receive multiple job offers, which makes them picky.
  • Their salary expectations are too high.

Therefore, as an accounting firm owner, if you don’t have a game plan to attract the top talent in the market, you will end up with potential bad hires, which will eventually affect your work and client relationships. Or worse, result in no hire at all.

That is why you should look for ways to market your accounting firm to attract top talent. Recruitment marketing is the combination of strategies used by a company to engage and nurture appropriate candidates in the pre-applicant phase, the practice aims to promote the value of working for the company and establish its brand identity to attract the right talent.

recruitment model

1. Branding your staff

When it comes to recruitment, it isn’t just the candidate’s personal brand that matters. A survey by Glassdoor revealed that 84% of job seekers consider employer reputation as important when deciding which job to accept.

It would therefore help if you focused on providing an unparalleled employee experience, giving job seekers a sneak peek of what life is like as part of your team. Employer branding is also about attracting recruits who are a good fit with the company culture, expectations, and values.

By clearly highlighting what your company values and ethics are all about, you can filter our applications from only the job seekers who feel connected with your accounting firm.

2. Retaining talent

It is natural for companies to take some time to see a return on the time and expense of recruiting new people. It is as important for you to focus on retaining talented people as it is to hire them.

LinkedIn survey, in fact, revealed that companies with strong employer brands experience 28% less turnover and half the cost of hire as compared to companies with weaker brands.

An important point to remember here is that you should emphasise aspects of work culture that will appeal to the modern-day candidate, rather than perks such as free laptops or weekly beer nights.

For instance, you could create videos that show how your staff is benefitting from the remote working culture by spending more time with family – if that is something you allow.

Another area of focus should be on the opportunities for growth that your accounting firm offers, which could be showcased in an interview-style video with a staff member who has been with you for several years.

This is ideal for attracting candidates who are passionate about roles that allow them to make an impact.

3. Amplifying the brand

Apart from employer branding, it would help if you also branded yourself online to stand out from the competition consistently.

For this, you should create and publish relevant marketing content such as blogs, website copy and social media posts that will help shape a favourable opinion of your accounting firm. Many companies, for instance, use LinkedIn Pulse to build their brand story.

Other options include sharing industry insights on social media, hosting a company podcast where influencers are interviewed, creating downloadable resources such as whitepapers and e-books, and sending out newsletters to email subscribers.

Besides, consider partnering with online influencers and publications that will mention your accounting firm in their content to gain exposure to a broader audience.

Don’t forget your website – that will give any potential applicants an immediate impression of your company. It is worth reviewing it objectively to see what message it is giving out.

4. Creating a reputation for excellence

Your accounting firm should focus on being known for excellent value. This involves putting conscious efforts into creating relevant, engaging and top-quality content and then sharing that content with as wide an audience as possible.

By focusing on efficient content marketing for your accounting firm, you can get clients to approach you with interest, which reduces the burden of cold calling and cold emailing.

That also helps to make recruitment more manageable, as more candidates will apply with interest after viewing your accounting firm’s content online.

If you haven’t ever used marketing to attract quality candidates for your accounting firm, there are several easy options for you to explore that will help you boost the number of professionals applying to join you. Here are some of pro tips to market your accounting firm:

4.1. Website careers pages

When considering a job with a company, candidates are likely to seek more information about the role from the Careers page on the company website. It is therefore essential that you update this page with relevant content that is mobile-friendly and clearly written.

The job description should be succinct and include a list of non-technical qualities desired – such as behavioural traits and hobbies – so that candidates can understand how well they fit the role and within your company.

4.2. School and college websites

Many students are looking for internship opportunities to get a taste of accounting life. You can directly post your internship opportunities at some school and college websites to attract young talent. The interns can then be trained and potentially considered for full-time opportunities with your accounting firm.

4.3. Social media platforms

Social media is the best and most direct way to connect with modern-day candidates. You can use your social media pages to post job openings and even to reach out directly to prospective candidates to tell them about current opportunities.

4.4. Blog posts

If you do not have a blog already, consider starting one today. By consistently sharing high-quality information relevant to the accounting industry, you can boost your reputation as an expert online and attract high-calibre candidates who respect your knowledge and experience and want to be associated with your accounting firm.

Wrapping up

No company can reach its maximum potential without great employees. Therefore, recruiting the right people can have a significant impact on your overall growth. By marketing your accounting firm, you can save you ample time and money and help hire quality candidates that will take your business to newer heights of success.

So, are you looking for assistance in amping up your online presence? Do you need help in kickstarting your blog? Does your social presence lack consistency?

Whatever your require to market your accounting firm, we can help with them all.

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