Why your business needs to do Facebook Messenger marketing

As of July 2020, Facebook is the used social media platform most in the world, with an army of 2.6 monthly active users. Out of those, 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger to connect with their connections every month.

Moreso, today, more than 40 million businesses are actively doing Facebook Messenger Marketing, and over eight billion messages are exchanged between them and their target audience.

That means if your company is not using this marketing channel to engage your target customers on Facebook, you need to figure out how to implement Facebook Messenger marketing in a way that fits its context and purpose.

With excellent click-through rates and engagement opportunities, the platform can very well be thought of as the new-age customer service. Delivering the service using a chatbot makes it accessible to a wide variety of businesses.

Here are some reasons why you should make Facebook Messenger marketing a priority for your company today:

1. Deliver a hyper-personalised experience

You can design a Facebook Messenger chatbot that delivers as conversational an experience as possible to help target customers feel like they are not just talking to a bot. For instance, your Facebook Messenger bot can address them by their first name and use emojis and GIFs to make them feel like they are exchanging text messages with a friend.

Moreover, as you get more people to engage with you on Facebook Messenger, use tags to keep track of what city they are from, what their usual budget is, what products and promotions they were initially interested in and other details they are willing to share.

Accordingly, you can segment your customer list and tailor your content and offers to suit each segment. It can increase the chance of conversion rate of your lead generation strategy by giving hyper-personalised experience to your potential customers.

2. Provide an efficient customer service

Messenger chatbots can answer customer queries 24×7, which is not possible for any human team, however efficient. By installing a Facebook Messenger chatbot to handle frequently asked questions, you can make things much easier for your customer support team and also give your customers the satisfaction of instant responses.

Bots can be customised to handle a variety of queries, from general information and product details to complaint resolutions and return/refund requests. The use of a chatbot also leaves the support team free to handle more pressing customer queries where human intervention is required.

3. Share content in a refreshing way

Facebook Messenger is one of the greatest marketing tools to repurpose old content about your products and services. You can redesign the content into drip campaigns that you deliver through Messenger over a few days.

Moreover, Messenger lets you share GIFs, images and survey questions. So you can use it to collect more information about customer preferences and also keep their interest alive by sharing a funny GIF or an interesting infographic you have created – on the platform itself.


Check out the gif shared above: the company uses a Facebook Messenger bot to get customers to sign up for their newsletter to be shared directly on the platform, along with the option to manage the subscription such as frequency.

4. Better than ‘push’ marketing

One handy feature of Facebook Messenger is the ability to send informational updates in the form of chat blasts to groups of customers. While doing this too often can be pushy, it is a great way to keep your target and existing customers informed about new products, sales, upcoming events and other updates.

You can also personalise the experience by tailoring messages to different segments of customers. It is essential to have a clear way for them to opt into your chat blasts so that they have control over how often they get messages from you.

5. Engage past website visitors

Facebook Messenger marketing gives you an easy way to reach out to more target customers. By adding the Facebook Pixel tracking code to your webpage, you can get in touch with past website visitors who did not take any action and use sponsored Facebook messages to make them a custom offer based on what they were browsing. By engaging with the right person at the right time, you can close more deals through social media marketing and make your customers feel special as well.

6. Drive higher sales for the business

By customising and training your Messenger chatbot, you can increase your sales by allowing your customers to shop from their chat window.

For instance, in 2017, Lego launched a chatbot called Ralph the Gift Bot in the UK, US, France, Canada, Poland, and Germany during Christmas to help potential customers pick products based on factors such as age, location and budget while keeping it light and conversational.

chatbot example

The Lego Group was one of the first in the toy industry to embrace the concept of using Facebook Messenger Marketing to engage with consumers and shoppers.

Therefore, once your customers have made their choice, your Facebook Messenger bot can redirect them to a webpage where they can complete the purchase or open a shopping window in the messenger app itself.

This is a quick and easy way for them to buy what they are most interested in, and it provides a more conversational experience than either website browsing or tele-purchases.

A chatbot is also a great way for customers to track the delivery of their ordered products and to explore other products that are similar to (and in which they may be interested) or complement the ones they have purchased.

7. Create a mobile-rich experience

Most Internet users access their social media pages – including Facebook page – from a mobile device. Moreover, texting has become one of the most natural ways for people of all ages to communicate.

Facebook Messenger combines these two and makes asking for product information or registering a complaint as easy as texting a colleague or friend. Over time, you can even build a brand-new sales process that takes place on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Marketing will help you be more responsive to immediate customer needs and position you above the competition in an increasingly mobile-dominated world.

Wrapping it up

According to Business Insider, 80% of businesses plan to include Facebook Messenger in their marketing plan by 2020. Its most significant benefit is loud and clear: it will help you engage your customers directly, even on-mobile, in real-time without any hassle.

So, what are you waiting for? Build a Facebook Messenger marketing and set up your Facebook Messenger bot today or let an expert do it for you. Book your discovery call to understand how this marketing channel can be an efficient part of your marketing mix.