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In this day and age, if you are not producing content, are you even selling?
Content marketing is the key to converting mere website clicks into loyal and engaged customers. However, it is seriously hard work. As fast-growing startups, SMEs and agencies are always pressed for time, consistent content production can be a challenge.

Not for the TLBM Team.

Content marketing is about storytelling.

Businesses who tell great stories always pull big crowds.
High-quality and relevant content can not only engage your audience in the long-run but also bolster your brand's reputation and give it a competitive edge. And we are happy to take your business to the next level with out content marketing services.

The wordsmiths at TLBM are a bunch of competent writers from backgrounds in journalism, copywriting, and online marketing. From web content, landing pages and blog posts to social media captions and whitepapers to press releases and infographics, they can tell (and sell) your brand story with words like no other!

Leverage the modern age branded content marketing technique, and increase your inbound leads today!

Types of content assets we create

No single type of content appeals to every customer. That's why it makes sense to curate a variety of content.
What's the first thing to come to mind when you say "content marketing?" Blogs, of course! They are the stepping stone to branded content marketing success. Lucky for you - we can write industry articles, reviews, listicles, how-tos, and many other types of blogs for you.
84% of businesses that use infographics found the asset to be effective. They are easy-to-consume, give lots of insights in a limited space, and are visually pleasing. No wonder, they are an essential part of the content marketing solutions in this day and age.
This content asset is an excellent lead magnet as it can help resolve a consumer pain point. The TLBM team is adept at writing eBooks that sell your story. So, if you have an industry issue that your business would like to address, use our content marketing services today!
They say the most effective whitepapers focus on a single key issue, are well-researched and have a call-to-action so that the readers know what to do next. It is okay if you didn't know this. Our content marketing agency can help you create a series of whitepapers easily.
Another popular lead magnet, checklists are easy to produce and include cheat sheets, worksheets, tip sheets, anything that can be easily consumed by your customers. We already have plenty of ideas for your business. Want to hear them?
Web content
TLBM has a history of writing compelling, keyword-focused web copy that drives sales and helps secure high search rankings for competitive terms. We are not writers that sound artificially smart; we truly, honestly, and awesomely craft content for your business that delivers.
Press releases
Are you planning to launch a new service? Or start a new client project? Want the whole world to know about it? You have arrived at the right place. We can not only write a great press release but also share it on the right platforms for increased visibility.
It doesn’t matter if your adverts are for Google or a newspaper; your copy has to be clear, concise, and engaging. Fortunately, the TLBM team consists of the best content writers who know the ABC’s of advertising like the back of their hand.
P.S. The list is not exhaustive.

Our marketing approach

Evaluating your market position, developing a promotional strategy and executing it is far easier said than done.
At TLBM, we have a simple five-step approach.


To create a personalised strategy, we need to learn about you. Therefore, we hold preliminary talks to get to know your business and its vision for the future. We take this step seriously.


We then conduct a detailed audit of your digital assets to identify where you are excelling and where you lack support. We take a keen interest in your past performance.


Post-examination, we produce a clear, concise, and memorable plan of action based on our discussions with you, market research and opportunities identified. Trust us - this is exciting!


Depending upon your requirement, we execute a quarterly, half-yearly, or annual marketing plan, incorporating both offline and digital mediums - with your approval, of course.


Your ROI is important to us. So, we update you about the work done by generating custom reports, based on your preferred methodology. This is necessary for improving the strategy.

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