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Email newsletter marketing for UK startups and SMEs

The success rate of your emails relies on using data correctly. The TLBM team is with you every step of the way.

Email is still one of the best ways to reach potential customers and stay connected with existing ones. However, it can be challenging to craft emails that get opened and clicked and, more importantly, lead to sales! Don't worry! Our email newsletter services can help you deliver your message in style - effectively engaging your customers through an email marketing campaign that boosts both reach and opportunity.

Email and creativity go hand-in-hand.

Email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences.

Sending useful emails is a huge responsibility. Which subject lines will work best? Which CTAs will encourage users to click? When is the best time to send an email? Thinking GDPR, have I got the authority to contact them?

Email newsletter marketing factors in many things. The TLBM team thinks any email activity offers an opportunity for brand awareness. Our digital marketing experts help clients develop their subscriber lists by curating interesting content.

Let us create engaging email experiences by applying customer data and scientific processes and ensuring that your message always stands out and derives efficient results. Use our email newsletter services today!

Email marketing done right

Our service includes everything - from periodic newsletters to multiple email series - all designed to help you keep
in touch with your clients regularly and effectively, while making sure you are GDPR-compliant.
Content creation
Writing an email that is clear and catchy is tricky. But not for us. With our well-crafted emails, you can boost your authority as a company and generate more leads. Tell us about your vision and goals, and we will get cracking. So, what do you need? Weekly newsletters, monthly sales emails, one-off corporate messages?
Design and layout
Personalising a generic template and slapping content on it is not our thing. We design email formats for our clients from scratch. With your input, we will create a layout that is right for you. Authenticity is key to business success, and we take that very seriously. No wonder, our email newsletter marketing initiatives drive success!
Split testing
We develop campaigns, source and organise data, and select the best visual and layout for your email. In addition, we experiment with approaches - A/B test email formats and subject lines, and make improvements in our strategy for better results. Numbers speak volumes. Our email newsletter services never ignore that.
Whatever email newsletter marketing software we use, it covers analytics. You can see who opened the email and when, and what actions they performed while still in the email. If they visit your website, the data is directly fed into Google Analytics, enabling you to trace any event leading to form fill, transaction or any other conversion.

Our marketing approach

Evaluating your market position, developing a promotional strategy and executing it is far easier said than done.
At TLBM, we have a simple five-step approach.


To create a personalised strategy, we need to learn about you. Therefore, we hold preliminary talks to get to know your business and its vision for the future. We take this step seriously.


We then conduct a detailed audit of your digital assets to identify where you are excelling and where you lack support. We take a keen interest in your past performance.


Post-examination, we produce a clear, concise, and memorable plan of action based on our discussions with you, market research and opportunities identified. Trust us - this is exciting!


Depending upon your requirement, we execute a quarterly, half-yearly, or annual marketing plan, incorporating both offline and digital mediums - with your approval, of course.


Your ROI is important to us. So, we update you about the work done by generating custom reports, based on your preferred methodology. This is necessary for improving the strategy.

Email generates an average ROI of £25 for every 80p spent.

Is your business ready to make money? Let us talk!

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