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Intuitive website build for a green energy production company

Anshal Patel

Co-Founder & Chief Graphic Designer

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Intuitive website build for a green energy production company


Environmental Services

About the company

Founded in 2019, Waste2ES is a food waste solution provider based in the UK serving food producers, groceries and supermarkets, educational and military establishments, and the public sector.

Waste2ES's goal

To raise awareness of their brand through an intuitive and dynamic website that highlights the fact that the energy held within food waste can be processed to biogas for energy supply, and introduces complete working information about their iD-R systems as the solution.

The challenge

The UK food waste management industry is home to many well-known solution providers and brands. But none have technologically sound and content-driven websites that explained what they offered in a compelling manner.

As a new company in the market, the biggest challenge for Waste2ES was to quickly climb up the ladder and gain a competitive edge as soon as the site launched. They wanted to stand apart from other waste management solutions sites by visually showcasing how their systems worked and highlighting the costs saved for establishments with varying food waste volumes. They particularly wanted to highlight that food waste is actually a valuable commodity which contains energy that can be processed and re-used.

Skills applied

» Competitor analysis
» Market research
» Communication plan
» Information architecture
» UI/UX & prototyping
» Content strategy
» Website design
» Custom WordPress development

Time taken to achieve the goal

Three months
"Having built this website from scratch, I am thrilled we delivered a professional website that clearly stands out from their competitors. The website has been well-received by Team Waste2ES and their clients. They particularly liked the homepage animation and the calculators."

Anshal Patel, Co-Founder & Chief Graphic Designer, TLBM

The TLBM approach

1. The first round of research

We first shared a questionnaire and undertook a number of discussions with Waste2ES to understand their key goals and action items for the new website. They wanted the site to be visually attractive and content-driven — appealing to businesses from multiple sectors. We also identified a need to help the user find the right system solution for them. Gathering information was necessary to ensure we focused our website design and development efforts in the right direction and fetched optimal results.

2. Market research and competitor analysis

We then conducted thorough market research to study how Waste2ES' competitors were marketing themselves — mainly focusing on the information shared on their sites and their design language. We also examined the web development trends to deliver an optimal user experience. The goal was to establish the brand, create trust in the market, and position Waste2ES as experts. The research helped us with the material required to take on other exercises and fed into the brand manual and communication plan.

3. Brand development and content strategy

Our research formed the foundation for the branding exercise we undertook for Waste2ES. This included finalizing the brand colours, content voice and tone, and brand messaging. This obviously did not happen in one take, and involved the client’s input and refinement. Using the site's blueprint, our content and SEO teams got to work to ensure the website content was crisp, relevant and SEO-optimized.

4. UI/UX and prototyping

Once the content was ready, we designed the site architecture and created wireframes, which served as the foundation of the website's layout and we then tested ideas for optimum user experience.

We planned interactive features that would engage, educate and help their visitors find the right products — one of which was a 'systems recommender' that allows website visitors to find system recommendations based on their daily food waste and waste bin size.
Another interactive feature we built was a cost-benefit calculator for their small and large systems that helps website visitors calculate the electricity and gas energy they currently use and compare it with how much could be generated from their daily food waste. The calculator shows the costs that can be offset, resulting in annual savings.

To create a stronger visual interest and help website visitors better understand Waste2ES and what their systems deliver, we created an animated gif which we placed on the homepage.

4. Website design and build

Once the prototype was finalised, we developed a Brand Manual and introduced a typographic hierarchy across the website by properly structuring the brand colours and the font sizes to increase visual interest and make the web pages much easier to scan.

We developed the website to be cohesive and fluid across all devices and allow visitors to enjoy an optimal desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile experience.
We built the custom website design on the WordPress CMS platform. With our development team's expertise, the CMS design was kept straightforward and user-friendly — enabling the Waste2ES employees to update web content and upload blogs on the site easily.

We implemented the Elementor page builder, which provided flexibility for the Waste2ES admin to customise the design. We also integrated Yoast SEO within the CMS dashboard.
Developing the ‘system recommender’ and the ‘cost-benefit calculator’ was challenging for us.

We custom-programmed these interactive features from data we obtained from Waste2ES. The end results display the recommended product and cost-savings at the end delivering an interesting and involved used experience.

The TLBM approach

Once the site was developed, we tested it extensively to ensure all the dynamic fields in the contact forms and calculators were pulling the correct data.

We primarily focused on the calculations on the cost-benefit calculator, the results of the system recommender, the data captured from all the site forms, such as contact enquiry and blog subscriptions.

We also tested the website on multiple browsers and devices and put ourselves in the shoes of the end-user to test as accurately as possible. We ensured the website responded well on different screen sizes.

Waste2ES launched its freshly-designed website in July 2020.

Tools we used

The results

Waste2ES is excited to have something that reflects their business values with up-to-date site features and a fresh look and feel.

Browsing through the systems pages (and understanding the technology behind them) has been made easy for current and prospective clients.

As per Waste2ES’s feedback, the calculator helped immensely in sales meetings as the team could go through the details with the prospect, add in the prospect’s data and then show them what their systems could save them.

Our average website sessions (time spent on the site) are at par with the industry standards, proving we have delivered a website which is engaging and user-friendly.

Richard Harland,

Managing Director, Waste2ES

“We see TLBM as an integral part of our business. Having the confidence that our marketing efforts are managed, and our ideas translated into enquiries is down to the collaboration we have. Having an idea is just the start. We storyboarded our plan, and Kaz helped us create a brand, a web presence and visibility in our domain — complete with a fantastic cost-benefit calculator for our target audience to use for calculating their food waste volumes. Thank you, team!”

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