How we helped an Essex-based accountant’s blog post hit Google’s featured snippet for “three keywords” in just two weeks

About the client

Golding Accountancy is an Essex-based accountancy company offering a range of bookkeeping, accounts preparation, payroll, taxation, cash flow, and VAT services to small and medium-sized businesses in Essex and further afield. They also provide financial support for life insurance, pension plans, and inheritance tax. Golding’s accountants take pride in consistently delivering trusted advice to all their clients.


Golding Accountancy



Goal achieved in

Two weeks

Client goal

To drive relevant inbound traffic to Golding’s website from influencers and digital content creators - a new target audience the client had asked us to develop.


Page 1 on Google

After publishing the blog post on March 28, 2023, its performance surpassed our expectations.

Drove 5% of traffic

It has drawn in nearly 5% of the website’s user base

Increased time on site

The blog retains its readers effectively, boasting an average session duration of 47 seconds.

The challenge

One of the most significant challenges we faced was the fact that this client type didn’t have a speciality page or landing page on their website. There was nothing to link back to the blog post we were to write. The limitations demanded us to be creative about our keyword selection, understanding search intent, and tightening the overall structure of the blog post. Writing on a complex topic like accounting added another layer to our challenges, compelling us to be clever in tailoring the content to our target audience.

Skills applied

The TLBM approach

Keyword finalisation for target audience alignment

Our initial task in keyword research was to analyse and understand the niche and its corresponding audience.

We then began brainstorming seed keywords. During this phase, Google’s autocomplete feature proved invaluable. Once our seed keywords were in place, we leveraged Google Keyword Planner to uncover a broader range of potential keywords.

With a preliminary list of keywords resonating with our target audience, we evaluated the search volumes, intent, and competition associated with each keyword.

Our finalised keyword list was curated based on several factors: high search volumes, low to medium competition, and a balanced mix of informational, commercial, and transactional intent keywords.

Understanding the importance of specificity, we also incorporated long-tail keywords into our strategy, recognising their potential to drive targeted traffic to Golding’s website.

We analysed our competitors, aiming to identify gaps that could be exploited to their advantage. This provided insights into semantically related keywords, potential backlinks, and the visibility scores of competing blogs.

Moreover, we gathered recommendations on the ideal length for our blog posts based on specific keywords. With these insights and the effort we were willing to invest, we felt confident in our potential to achieve favourable rankings on Google and attract meaningful inbound traffic.


Blog content structure development

Once we finalised the keywords, our focus shifted to developing the proper structure for the blog. Given that we were writing a post on accounting tips, ensuring that our content was tailored specifically for influencers and digital content creators was essential.

We aimed to provide specific information and advice, consciously avoiding generic points that did not add unique value.

As part of our blog writing strategy, we outlined where and how to incorporate the selected keywords within the content.

When it came to on-page search-optimisation, we adopted the following strategies:


Blog content production with visual elements

After our in-depth research, crafting the blog post was relatively straightforward.

Armed with the right keywords, internal links, and knowledge about the optimal content length, the majority of our SEO groundwork was already set, streamlining the writing process.

Before publication, we rigorously reviewed the blog post. It underwent plagiarism scans and Grammarly checks to ensure originality and grammatical precision.

Once satisfied with the quality and authenticity of our content, we confidently pressed the “publish” button.


Anant Khare

Head of SEO, TLBM

“From the beginning, we were committed to a detailed and structured strategy for driving inbound traffic to Golding. This blog post stands as one of the significant milestones we achieved for them. It was also among our initial successes before we overhauled their website design, content, and SEO later in 2023. I’m pleased to have delivered tangible results in such a brief period.”

The results

By April 11, 2023-merely two weeks later-it had ascended to the first page of Google.

After publishing the blog post on March 28, 2023, its performance surpassed our expectations. Not only that, but it also secured its place as Google’s Featured Snippet for these specific keywords:

The blog post also occupies the coveted #1 position for the search term “accounting for content creators.”


The blog post’s success didn’t end there.

As of September 2023:

The blog earned its place among the top 10 traffic drivers for the website.


It has drawn in nearly 5% of the website’s user base.

impressions graph

The blog retains its readers effectively, boasting an average session duration of 47 seconds and 1.44 views per user, an excellent industry average.

impressions graph

Tools we used for the job

Google search console
Google analytics

“Since partnering with TLBM, we’ve experienced a significant shift in our online presence. Their strategic and systematic efforts in driving inbound traffic have been nothing short of remarkable. This particular blog post is a testament to their expertise and dedication. It’s not just about achieving top rankings; it’s about delivering meaningful content that resonates with our audience. We’re truly grateful for their outstanding work and are excited about our collaborative future.”

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