How TLBM’s blog post hit Google’s featured snippet in just a week!

We are a B2B marketing agency based in the UK. Since our inception in November 2019, we have focused on helping businesses harness the power of digital marketing for growth. Our specialities include content production, SEO, web design and development, and paid advertising. We primarily cater to accountants, manufacturing firms, outsourcing/offshoring firms, and technology companies.


Think Little Big Marketing


Content marketing

Goal achieved in

One week

Our goal

To drive relevant inbound traffic to our website, we created blog content that would help our target audiences, give them valuable insights, and compel them to browse our website and contact us.


Page 1 on Google

In just a week, our blog climbed to the first page of Google.

300% traffic increase

The overall organic traffic of the entire blog site jumped by nearly 300%.

234% more users

We saw a staggering 234% increase in new monthly users.

The challenges

In the UK, the digital marketing agency landscape is fiercely competitive. Although we had a foundational blogging and social media strategy, our goal was to amplify our organic reach, enhancing visibility and driving more traffic to our website.

Certainly, expanding our blog content and pursuing guest posting opportunities were potential routes. However, these options seemed challenging, with only one content writer and an SEO specialist on board at the time. We aimed to optimise our time and resources for more effective blog content creation.

Skills applied

The TLBM approach

Research for a data-backed content strategy

After speaking to our various accounting clients, it became apparent that lead generation through marketing posed a significant challenge for them. This therefore became an obvious area for us to focus on and help our client base.

This insight prompted us to write a blog post detailing how accountants could generate leads with the help of TLBM.

After researching on Google and SEMrush’s Topic Research tool, we found several keywords like “accountancy leads,” “SEO myths,” and “digital marketing trends” of interest.

We ultimately decided to explore one keyword, “accountancy leads.”


Keyword finalisation for target audience alignment

We put the term “accountancy leads” into SEMrush’s Keyword Magic tool and got a whole list of useful info right away.

From this, we learned that this keyword gets searched about 70 times a month, has medium competition, and costs £0.49 per click in the UK.

keyword finalisation for target audience alignment

This gave us a sense that with some effort, we could potentially rank well for it on Google and get some good inbound traffic our way.


Blog content structure development

Once we settled on our primary keyword, we turned to the SEO Content Template by SEMrush to dive deeper. This tool shed light on what our competitors were publishing around that same keyword.

blog content structure development

It also provided key details, such as semantically related keywords, backlinks, and the visibility score of competitor blogs. It even suggested the ideal length for our blog post based on that keyword.

With this information in hand, we created a detailed blog outline.


Blog content production with visual elements

After all our in-depth research, writing the blog post turned out to be a breeze. With key details like the right keywords, relevant links, and the ideal content length all laid out, we essentially had all major SEO boxes ticked, simplifying the writing process.

On top of that, we made sure to incorporate authentic images and screenshots in our post.

Once the blog post was reviewed and passed plagiarism and Grammarly checks, we confidently hit the “publish” button.

We were absolutely delighted when we ran our next SEO analysis.


Kaz Driver

Co-Founder & Accounts Director, TLBM

“This structured approach to blog writing ensured we were on the right track from the get-go. Honestly, this blog post really proves how seriously we take our work. It mirrors the exact strategy we employ for our clients, which explains the awesome results we consistently achieve for them. And here’s some icing on the cake: we even scored a lead from this “accountancy leads” keyword and successfully converted it! That was a brilliant kickoff for our business.”

The results

We published the blog post on May 20, 2020.

And in just a week, it climbed to the first page of Google and proudly sat as Google’s Featured Snippet for “generate accountancy leads.”

generate accounting leads

The overall organic traffic of the entire blog site jumped by nearly 300% in Sep-Nov 2020 compared to Jun-Aug 2020.

During the same quarter, we saw a staggering 234% increase in new monthly users, purely from organic SEO efforts, compared to Jun-Aug 2020.


In just six months, the blog post garnered an impressive 246K organic web impressions.


Tools we used for the job


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