How TLBM helped a new outsourcing business rank on page #1 on Google within three months

About the client

Founded in 2019, Stellaripe is an accounts outsourcing company that serves accountants in practice across the UK. Its core services include bookkeeping, year-end accounts preparation, VAT, taxation, and practice management.


Stellaripe Services Ltd


Outsourcing/ Offshoring

Goal achieved in

Three months

Client goal

To raise awareness of their brand and services, boost their new website’s presence in relevant online search results, and increase overall site traffic to generate leads.


#1 ranking for top keywords

Stellaripe’s search rank
surpasses industry leaders.

266k search impressions

Its visibility on the search
engine increases.


Stellaripe’s website traffic is
on the rise.

The challenge

The UK accounts outsourcing industry is well-established and home to many well-known brands and SMBs. As a new company in the market and having taken TLBM’s most basic SEO package , Stellaripe’s biggest challenge was to raise awareness and gain a competitive edge as quickly as possible. They needed their site content optimised with the right industry keywords to be found on search engines organically.

Skills applied

The TLBM approach

Understanding client positioning

We first shared a questionnaire with Stellaripe to gain an understanding of the words/phrases they used to describe their market positioning and who they felt were their competitors. This was necessary to ensure we focused our copywriting and SEO efforts in the right direction and fetched optimal results.

Competitive keyword analysis
We then conducted thorough market research to identify the keywords Stellaripe’s competitors used and the current industry terminology. This approach helped us finalise the keywords with “high search volume and low competition” for the client.
On-page SEO and content strategy

While our copywriting team wrote the web copy using the keywords shortlisted for each page, our SEO specialists focused on the on-page activities on the site, such as writing meta titles and descriptions and sorting our anchor texts, image alt tags, and URLs.

Launching and enhancing online visibility

Stellaripe launched its newly designed and search-optimised website in December 2019. Immediately after that, our SEO specialists started off-page SEO activities such as link-building, social bookmarking and forum community engagement to increase the site’s online visibility.

jyoti sahoo

Jyoti Sahoo

Former Head of SEO, TLBM

“We consistently refined our SEO strategy post-launch while closely monitoring the site’s performance. By February 2020, we observed our targeted keywords ascending in search rankings. Due to our comprehensive approach-building Stellaripe’s website from scratch, meticulously optimising on-page SEO elements, and employing effective off-page SEO tactics like link-building and content marketing-we were able to achieve high rankings for relevant keywords quickly, a success we continue to sustain for Stellaripe to this day.”

Metrics we focused on

The results

Stellaripe’s search rank surpasses industry leaders.

The website started ranking on the first page of Google for the following keywords from April 2020:

Since January 2021, Stellaripe has held #1 ranking position for all these keywords, plus many more.

our work image

Its visibility on the search engine increases.

The search impression is the number of times a website is displayed in search engine results with specific keywords. Stellaripe’s search impressions have been growing since the launch of their website in December 2019.

The graph shows the growth of the visibility of the Stellaripe website on Google in just three months, with the search impressions reaching 266K.


If we consider 2023 when this case study has been completed, the graph continues to show an uptick in the number of search impressions, which is now 3.41 million.

impressions graph

Stellaripe’s website traffic is on the rise.

Between January 2020 and September 2023, new website users have grown by 96.44%, while the organic traffic has increased by 385%. Total website traffic recorded to date has increased by 31%.

new users graph

As of August 2023, the engagement rate is 59.06%.

new users graph

Tools we used for the job

Google search console
Google analytics

“From the outset, I’ve been happy with TLBM’s mastery over SEO. The initial push we received was nothing short of fantastic. While many businesses wait upwards of six months to see any movement on Google, Stellaripe began ranking for several critical keywords in a mere three months, all thanks to Team TLBM! But their expertise didn’t stop at that initial success. They’ve been relentless in identifying, refining, and optimising the right keywords that resonate with our target audience. This continuous effort has ensured that we consistently attract high-quality leads via organic search.”

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