How TLBM rebranded a green technology service provider’s website with three different offerings and boosted the organic search traffic by 80%!

About the client

A leading green technology services provider, Waste2ES specialises in cost-effective, labour-efficient, user-friendly food waste management solutions. They had added Simpro’s top-tier bin lifting and tipping equipment to their portfolio the year before and were now looking to complement their waste solutions with bio-augmented treatments by Biowish, underscoring a commitment to environmental wellness.


Waste 2 Environmental Systems


Green technology

Goal achieved in

Three months

Client’s goal

To seamlessly unify the offerings of Waste2ES, Simpro, and Biowish on a single platform as a united product portfolio, while distinctly highlighting each offering’s unique specifications, use cases, and functionalities.

The challenge

Waste2ES originally focused solely on food waste systems. However, their collaborations with Simpro and Biowish introduced bin lifting and water treatment solutions to their offerings. These distinct services shared a unified purpose-environmental sustainability and care for us and our planet. Our challenge was twofold:

Skills applied

The TLBM approach

Homepage blueprint development

Our initial move was to outline a clear content strategy for the company and to design that into the homepage. We emphasised Waste2ES’ three unique offerings, all championing the cause of environmental stability and human well-being.

Here is what we did:


Refining the “About Us” section

After finalising the homepage, our understanding of the brand deepened, prompting refinements to the website’s other sections.

We next focused on the “About Us” section, encompassing the “Our Story,” “Meet the Team,” and “Why Waste2ES” pages.

The key changes included:


Crafting user-centric product dashboards

For both Simpro and Biowish, we developed:


Streamlining product pages for Simpro and Biowish

While crafting the product pages for Simpro and Biowish, we aimed for the functionality of an eCommerce site without strictly following its design:


Deploying interactive user tools

Once the content took shape, our focus shifted to structuring the website. Leveraging wireframes, we mapped out a user-centric layout, ensuring an intuitive journey for all visitors.

We enhanced user engagement and efficiency with two primary tools:


Setting web development standards for the Waste2ES brand

Following the design overhaul, our next step was curating a Brand Manual for Waste2ES’ revamped identity. This guidebook emphasised maintaining a unified brand presence across the website.

A typographic hierarchy took precedence in our approach. By strategically calibrating font sizes and optimising brand colour combinations, we ensured that the website’s content was engaging and easily digestible, boosting aesthetics and user-friendly navigation.


Anshal Patel

Head of Design, TLBM

“Designing and developing the website for Waste2ES was an exciting project for the team! We built a digital asset that is interactive, echoes the brand’s commitment to environmental stability, and promotes advanced green technology solutions. The challenge was to weave disparate technological elements into one cohesive narrative, presenting Simpro and Biowish under the Waste2ES umbrella, each retaining its individuality yet harmonising with the overarching theme of eco-conscious development. The success of this project lies in our ability to create a user-centric experience, blending intuitive design with cutting-edge technology, to bring Waste2ES’ vision to life.”

Technical challenges averted

technical content writing

Enhancing user comprehension of technical content

Ensuring current and prospective clients can easily navigate and comprehend the different offerings and their functionalities.

By establishing a clear information hierarchy combined with interactive visual aids and accessible descriptions, we made complex concepts more digestible. Additional aids like tooltips, explanatory videos, and FAQs further assisted users in decoding intricate technological notions.

responsive design

Responsiveness across devices

Ensuring the videos, GIFs, and calculators work seamlessly on various screen sizes, from large desktop monitors to small mobile screens.

By leveraging CSS media queries coupled with SVG scaling, we ensured adaptability to varied screen dimensions. Iterative testing was crucial in preserving a uniform user experience across devices.

The results

80% traffic increase

Waste2ES now boasts a digital platform that resonates with its core business values, enhanced by modern site features and a rejuvenated design. Since the relaunch, the organic search traffic has surged by 80.

30% page view increase

Navigating the system pages has been simplified, leading to a 30% increase in page views, enabling existing and potential clients to comprehend the underlying technology easily.

20% session increase

The average duration of website sessions has increased by 20%, aligning with industry benchmarks and demonstrating the site’s engaging and user-centric design.

Tools we used for the job


“Building a cohesive brand that ties three different offerings under a single roof is not easy, but Kaz and her team made it look simple. We storyboarded our plan, and they helped us create a brand, a web presence and visibility in our domain — complete with two fantastic cost-benefit and bin-lifting capacity calculators for our target audience. We now have a website that reflects thought authorship and is an efficient marketplace for our customers!”

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