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PPC marketing services for UK startups, SMEs and businesses

Delivering targeted ads to your potential customers at the exact moment they are looking for is an art we excel in.

Running successful online ads is a perfect blend of science and creativity. With experienced advertisers on the job, you can be assured the paid campaigns will generate the results you need. Whether it is click-through, open rates or conversion rates - we know how to take your pound further across the right digital mediums with PPC services.

Google Ads, social media ads, re-marketing campaigns - we can conceptualise, design, and execute them all!

Paid advertising on social media and Google made easy.

75% of consumers say search ads make it easier for them to find the information they are looking for. If you haven't dipped your toes in this pond, you will struggle to gain a foothold in the marketplace. Period.

Effective ad management requires an understanding of your industry and competitors. Our skilled staff will work with you to learn how your customers are searching and where they are most active to deliver the most targeted ads for you for maximum results.

We understand that paid advertising is a sensitive topic as it involves your money. Don't worry - we believe in transparency! We will consistently provide extensive fortnightly and monthly reports so that you always know how your ad budget is spent and the progress made.

Why don't you leverage our PPC advertising services and drive business growth today?

Generating clicks that count

Our paid advertising team is skilled at running ad campaigns across a host of social media platforms and search
engines. Nobody understands the best practices of Pay-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Click better than us!
Google Ads
From announcing a product or a new website to generating leads - pay-per-click ads can help achieve various goals.
  • Text ads: These appear on Google search results, just above organic search results, and provide a snippet of information about your business, as well as a link to contact you.
  • Display ads: These can take the form of image, text, video and rich media, and appear across Google's Display Network.
  • Remarketing ads: Ever visited a website to get information about a service, only to have it follow you around the internet in the form of an ad? That's remarketing, and you can do that too!
Facebook and LinkedIn ads
From ad copy and design concepts to ad formats, we are continually iterating and testing new ways to market on Facebook and LinkedIn. Creative optimisation is central to our paid advertising strategy.
  • Video ads: We can develop a video in all LinkedIn or Facebook formats, designed to tell the right story and attract the right customer.
  • Dynamic ads: We can ensure that your products or services come right in front of your potential and existing customer base.
  • Other formats: Whether it is a canvas ad, slideshow, or carousel, we work together with you to develop the right ad format best suited for your customers and goals.

Our marketing approach

Evaluating your market position, developing a promotional strategy and executing it is far easier said than done.
At TLBM, we have a simple five-step approach.


To create a personalised strategy, we need to learn about you. Therefore, we hold preliminary talks to get to know your business and its vision for the future. We take this step seriously.


We then conduct a detailed audit of your digital assets to identify where you are excelling and where you lack support. We take a keen interest in your past performance.


Post-examination, we produce a clear, concise, and memorable plan of action based on our discussions with you, market research and opportunities identified. Trust us - this is exciting!


Depending upon your requirement, we execute a quarterly, half-yearly, or annual marketing plan, incorporating both offline and digital mediums - with your approval, of course.


Your ROI is important to us. So, we update you about the work done by generating custom reports, based on your preferred methodology. This is necessary for improving the strategy.

45% of fast-growing businesses rely on paid advertising.

If you want to be one of them, let us discuss our PPC services?

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