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Teacher Learning Website Design

Teacher Learning is an online platform for UK teachers where they can discuss and test possible changes and reorientations that may challenge the current education system and the thinking that may go with it.

The brief

  • The client wanted to generate an interest in ideas and concepts that encourage teachers to rethink the education system.
  • They want to openly examine actual events from individuals, classrooms, departments, schools and at macro-policy level.
  • They wanted a site that could show how teachers can learn to become authorities of their own practice.

TLBM Solution

We completed the task in four steps:

  • Our graphic design team worked on the overall User Experience [UX] of their website to enable maximum user engagement.
  • They ensured the colouring from the new logo was consistently incorporated in the website design.
  • Before launching the website, our SEO team undertook technical analysis to ensure that its foundations were up to the mark and Google could effectively crawl, understand and rank the website.
  • We vetted the website’s functionality, links and forms thoroughly before making it live.


Teacher Learning




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