9 little known yet powerful social media marketing strategies

Social media is, undoubtedly, one of the most competent outreach channels for businesses. But in this competitive era, you need an amazing strategy to conquer the social media world.

You must be thinking:

  1. “What can I do things differently on social media?
  2. “How to stand out in the crowd?”
  3. “From where do I start?”

If these questions pop into your brain too, you are at the right place. Today, I am going to reveal some top, less common, but very effective strategies, almost anyone can include in practise, to dominate the social media platform.

Let us begin!

1. Prefer conversational marketing

If you are wondering what conversational marketing is, let me tell you that it’s nothing new, but only means that you need to be active on those platforms for the conversations your followers are initiating.

This is, without a doubt, an effective way to attract online users for much more direct, one-on-one conversations with or about your business. Utilising your FAQs as the basis of discussion, people pick a conversation path that then enables you to offer them with more customised content that helps them make their purchasing decision faster.

2. Associate with influencers

When it comes to today’s social media landscape, the power of influencer relations can be vastly underestimated. If you choose to work with an influencer partner, you can market your product to a wider and more intended audience directly from a trusted source.

This step creates more authenticity for potential customers as they learn about and start to consider buying your product.

3. Answer into real-time moments

Capture real-time and trending bits that get your audience to say, “Wow, they are so active.” For instance, a food brand has every reason to post about when the next episode or season of “MasterChef” will drop. They know their foodie audience loves this show for every reason.


4. Stay active on trending social media platform

Every business must ask and answer this query: which platform are you focusing on currently? Well, every few months or years, one social media platform makes its spot on the trending list; for now, it is TikTok that is trending.

Regardless of the platform, businesses must go where their consumers are, and they also need a strategy to ensure that they are taking benefit of all available, trending platforms.

5. Conversational marketing

The importance of posting native content, especially when it comes to video, is one social media marketing strategy that’s often overlooked.

Upload your videos to each platform instead of hosting on one platform and re-sharing to others, especially if you want to get the most mileage out of your videos. While this route is more time-consuming, it will pay dividends when it comes to visibility and engagement.

6. Join niche, relevant Facebook groups

One creative social media strategy is to join relevant Facebook groups. For example, if you are a fashion brand selling exclusively women dresses, you should look for fashion or girls groups to join. The same goes for accountants in the UK.

It is nothing new that people use Facebook as a business-to-business platform as it is much simpler to target like-minded people within that group.


7. Appreciate post sharing

Who doesn’t love appreciations? I do!

So why not you start appreciating your customers? Yes, you read it right! You can start conversing with your audience in a way to appreciate them on their every action towards you, like if they comment on your post, if they give you positive/negative feedback, or if they share your post or many more.

For instance, SEMrush, a leading software company, always appreciates its audience by commenting, if anyone shares their posts. Isn’t it great? Do follow!

8. Analyse how your competitors use social media

Many organisations do not operate in isolation. You will normally have opponents who will also craft a social strategy. You will clearly need to know what they are doing. Like about their focus, their target and what key phrases they are trying to dominate..

You can immediately conduct a competitor analysis to better understand their campaigns, strategies, strengths and weaknesses. It will give you a more solid understanding of what potential customers expect from businesses in your industry.

The best part is, while researching, you may end up spotting your competitors’ weak social areas and be able to use the gaps.

For instance, one of your competitors might be influential on Facebook, but have a weak Instagram presence, despite your intended audience using that network. In such a case, you can put more efforts into Instagram rather than competing head to head on Facebook.

9. Track your results and adapt

Last but not least, check if your efforts are paying you back!

Surely, you plan your social efforts, but there is no guarantee that things will work as you expected. You will never know the success of your social campaigns if you don’t track your results.

You start working on the process by setting goals and then set on your most relevant metrics. This way, you will wish to keep a constant eye or monitor how these metrics are evolving.

Besides, you should also consider surveying your social intended audience to discover what they think of your social strategy. Your users may come up with exceptional ideas that you hadn’t thought about.

Most importantly, if there is a chance that you can further improve your social success, don’t be afraid to make changes!

Take help from social media experts!

Just like we started, this is a competitive era, and we can’t use the “cookie-cutter” approach and sit for results. It is a peak time, and you need to jump harder to reach high. Well, a seasoned Social Media firm can help you here.

Due to both their experience and up-to-date skills, they can create wonders out of your social media platforms. So what are you waiting for? Find a credible firm, and start using their talent for enhanced outcomes.

About the author

Leon Lee is the Social media expert at Lead Social – a social media marketing agency based in the UK. He has great experience in social media management and loves sharing his knowledge with all.